Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to School Day Giveaway 2012

At 1pm today everything will be done with the Back to School Day Giveaway.  I have one mom coming to pick up the kids shoes that we needed to get because we did not have ones that fit.

We had 172 kids and youth show up to get their new gym shoes, socks, and school supplies.  They also had the option of getting a haircut. 

The event went GREAT!  We had 39 volunteers overall on Saturday.  Three were providing water outside and some inside. Two greeters letting people in.  Three were some at our sign in table.  Eight gave out school supplies.  One did the socks.  Thirteen dealt with the shoes.  Four were helping the hairstylist with sign-in and cleanup.  There were 3 hairstylist (only place we really needed more).  Even had one volunteer up in the attic building shelves for any extras we can use later.  Then I got to just run around and talk to people and answer questions when needed:-) 

Thanks to all the volunteers who came out to help make this day a success.

Thanks to everyone who gave money and needed items to provide for these families.  You blessed a lot of lives on Saturday and I want you to know it is very much appreciated.

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