Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Giving Back During the Christmas Season

Kids from the MAC went to 2 different nursing homes during the month of December to help the senior adults to have a good time and to give a little Christmas love.  At both locations we played bingo withe the residents and had some fun prizes for them to take home.  The kids were given some simple instructions:  be nice, help the residents with playing the games and do not take anything for yourself.  Our goal with our Giving Back Projects is to teach children the joy of giving. The kids are starting to understand this giving back idea, but some of the residents did not understand the process.  One lady, at the Covington Ladies Home, just cried because of how blessed she was by one of our boys.  She wanted so bad to send him home with a doll, but I explained the concept of what we are teaching. I then told her that he loved hugs (he looked at me with a questioning face), but he proceeded to give her a big hug and had a big smile at the end. 

The Doll Lady

Many people know Ms. Beach as the Doll Lady in her community.  She has given thousands upon thousands of dolls to children in need all over the world.  South Side Baptist Church and the Moore Activity Center has been a recipient of this ministry for many years.  Ms. Beach is 94 years old this year.  She apologized to me that she did not have more dolls to share with us.  She truly is an amazing woman that simply wants God to use her for as long as He can.   I pray that I can be giving like she is when I am 94 years old (Amy Wilhelmus).

Thanksgiving and Christmas Give Aways

The Thanksgiving and Christmas Give Aways went great.  Individuals, families, churches, groups and organizations stepped up to help us meet needs in Covington.  I would like to thank everyone that took part in helping us to meet these needs.  I love to watch how God pulls His people together to do His work.