Thursday, June 28, 2012

Purciville Baptist Church Mission Team from Virginia

There were 14 members of Purciville Baptist Church that arrived on Thursday, June 21st, to minister with us here at the MAC. They truly hit the ground running.  Today is their last full day of ministry.  They have provided the resources and the man power to put new flooring throughout the first level of the building (they laid all the tile themselves and a carpet crew is coming in on Friday to put carpet in the back room), new roof on a portion of our building (they provided materials and a member at South Side Baptist came in with his roofing crew to do the labor), removal of chimney and patchwork on roof, wall repairs (from water damage) throughout the building, junk removal and so much more.  They led the Sunday morning worship service at South Side Baptist.  A few of them helped out in the mornings at South Side Child Care - they were able to go in the classes and minister to the children and teachers.  They also did 2 Fun in the Sons - one from 1-2:30pm with the School Age Child Care Group from South Side and another from 6:30-8 for the community at 14th and Banklick.  It has been an amazing week to watch them work.  I praise God for connecting them with us to do service. 

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